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The Proloco of Serino

For years the Proloco of Serino with always different deserving and competent figures at its top have given support with a creative and energetic push to the initiatives born in the Serino area. With humility and passion, successful projects have been carried out such as: the chestnut festival now in its ... edition, Canalarte event known throughout the region and beyond and many other small and large initiatives that have supported our country and they made it known in Italy and around the world.

Our commitment remains the same: to support all those energies that are ready to be spent in the area to strengthen our social fabric with a solidarity network full of initiatives and events.

This site was created with the specific intention of putting us in touch with any person, big or small, who has an idea and wants to help us realize it and to give a showcase to all those activities and events that deserve the right attention. Our ranks grow every day and if you want to give us a hand, do not hesitate to contact us to try to make a difference too, safeguard our traditions and bring serino and its inhabitants to an increasingly national and renowned context.

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